Past Events

Secret Spectre

From the idea of a sock exchange and “secret santa” gift exchange by LockNation member @kea23_1 (on Twitter), fellow agent @PerhapsSomeTea (on Twitter) joined the team and together they came up with Secret Spectre: a spooktacular event to celebrate LockNation by exchanging gifts made with creativity and love.

Starting in the beginning of December, @PerhapsSomeTea and @kea23_1 had agents opt in to participate and determine if their gift would be a physical or virtual. A month later on January 14, 2024, the virtual unveiling took place with members sharing the gifts they received or the gifts they sent to their secret spectre. What ensued was nothing short of wholesome. LockNation members from all over the world shared their videos, pictures, pieces of art, writings, music, and more. 

A BIG thank you and shoutout to @PerhapsSomeTea and @kea23_1 for planning, organizing, and rocking this event out of the park. 

See below for some pictures from the virtual exchange.

Poster by @kea23_1 on Twitter