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Future Events on the Calendar:

July 27-28:  UK Meet Up #2 (see details below)

May 12th: Virtual thinking Cloth 6 (see details below)

Current Events

The Thinking Cloth Chronicle:

A LockNation Newsletter

Our #SaveLockwoodandCo campaign has come a long way, with more wins every single month!

Here are just a few of those detailed in the first edition of our very own monthly newsletter: The Thinking Cloth Chronicle!

Take a look at all of the things we have been up to in the month of April, as well as more events and activities to come, here!

Draw This In Your Style Challenge 2

poster by @mooncakemin

Everyone loved our first Draw This In Your Style - so here are the details of our next one!

The drawings will be revealed on the 17th of May!

FanExpo Boston Fundraising

Use the link below to get Lockwood and Co to FanExpo Boston!

Please share and donate if you can.

The final deadline is on the 17th of May!

Packages to Executives Project

design by @cass4stories

Sign up here to send a Lockwood and Co package to streaming service executives! 
Once we've gathered responses, we'll contact you with the list of items to include and your particular addressee. If you have any questions, feel free to ask Cass - @cass4stories on Twitter, Cassiopeia on Discord, and @teaandtoastandthyme on Tumblr.
April 20-30 -  Sign Up and Packages Preparation 
May 1-5 - sending off the packages

Future Events

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LockNation UK Meet

Schedules for Saturday and Sunday as well as FAQ links and sign up form (for Saturday) are below.

Please DO NOT fill out the form without reading the FAQs first.

If you have any questions about the LockNation UK Meet, indicate them on the sign up form or contact the meet accounts here:

Ongoing Projects

Virtual Thinking Cloth 6!


To celebrate May being Lucy's canon birthday month, the theme of this Cloth is LUCY'S BIRTHDAY!!!

Doodle ANYTHING you want and DM them to @lavenderghostco before May 11th!

LockNation a great team of agents:

have created this amazing #SaveLockwoodandCo T-shirt!
Order yours here! Available worldwide!

Creative LockNation

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