Past Events

Cluster Con

Organised by volunteers from the LockNation Planning Committee, this fan-led event is a virtual convention intended to create an opportunity for LockNation to interact with the people involved in the creation of the Lockwood & Co. books and show. Held on October 21, 2023, this event was split into three panels focusing on the books, show production, and show crew including the following guests:

  • Show Crew - Oliver Curtis (Cinematographer), William McGregor (Director)
  • Books - Jonathan Stroud (Author)
  • Show Production - Rachael Prior (Executive Producer), Bradley Down (Script Editor)

Recordings of the live event can be found on the Cluster Con YouTube account and additional details about the event can be found on the Cluster Con website.

Poster by @misskatwinn on IG

Watch Cluster Con 2023

All recordings and associated videos with the 2023 Cluster Con can be found on the YouTube. 

Book Panel

with Jonathan Stroud

Crew Panel

with Oliver Curtis & William McGregor

Producion Panel

with Rachael Prior, Bradley Down, & Joy Wilkinson