'Joe Cornish's TV thriller

Lockwood & Co. takes ghost-hunting to

the next level' - Empire online


On May 13th 2023, just under four month after the series release, Complete Fiction announced that Netflix had elected not to renew Lockwood & Co. for a second season.

This was heartbreaking news for the fans and everyone who loved the books series.

Our fandom, LockNation,  is trying to save this brilliant show by getting it picked up by another streaming service and by supporting its  growing popularity on social media platforms.

Lockwood & Co

Lockwood and Co is an adaptation of the 2013 released book series with the same name by Jonathan Stroud. 

It is a thrilling fantasy series that tells the story of an alternate London wherein, 50 years previously, an epidemic of ghosts with the ability to deliver fatal touches to the living emerged. 

As only physically talented children and teenagers can feel, hear and see these dangerous ghosts through their talents, adults established ghost-fighting agencies to utilize their talents in the fight against the ever-worsening phenomenon called 'the Problem'.  

Lucy Carlyle, a highly talented Listener, joins a scrappy, newly established agency run by two other teenagers, Anthony Lockwood and George Karim. Together they make up the unstoppable ghost fighting Team of Lockwood and Co.

The series premiered 27 January 2023 on Netflix and was greeted with swift praise and enthusiasm by viewers and critics alike. 

What it means to us

'Lockwood and Co is a delight,

with a level of intelligence

and respect for its source material,

its characters and its audience' - The Guardian

Lockwood & Co got nominated for the National Film Awards (NFA) as Best TV Drama Series 2023


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